Saturday, August 15, 2009

wild poinsettia

This is a wild poinsettia. They are growing in great profusion along the side of the house as well in some spots in the yard. I find it curious that the red portion of the leaf only comes part way down the leaf whereas the Christmas poinsettias at the stores have leaves that are completely red. But they are colorful and they seem to be thriving in our sandy soil. Some plants seem to do well here and some don’t, so I guess that it would be prudent to encourage those plants that do well. By the way, the marigolds are doing fantastic. They just keep multiplying and now there must be around two dozen flowers. Some Miracle-Gro and lots of rainwater seems to have done the trick. Have a nice day and look at the little small wildflowers growing close to the ground. They have such an intense coloration. Take a picture and blow it up on the computer to see their true beauty and you will be amazed. Have some colorful rainbow sherbet to stay cool. Or at the very least a sugar-free popsicle. Lew

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seaside said...

Very pretty picture of the poinsetta. It looks alot like the store bought kind. Sherbert sounds good ,but unfortunately I don't have it. I have been making tapioca with the Agave sweetener.