Saturday, February 19, 2011

spring is definitely here

I noticed this wildflower in our garden. What caught my eye was the pretty color of the blossom. Would you call that color magenta? It could easily be passed over because it is so small.

I was surprised that spring flowers had come so soon when New England still has its snows. I guess that is just one of the advantages of living here in sunny Florida. I decided to take a walk around the yard to see what other wildflowers had bloomed.

There was a rich variety of flowers everywhere.

This variety is my favorite because of its intense blue colors. I had used these particular pictures in an earlier post but these beautiful flowers are blooming in a multitude of areas in the yard.

Do you think that this is a great big flower? Nope, just a small wildflower which is numerous in our yard.

I was surprised to see that a wild dandelion had already flowered and gone to seed. I had missed seeing the pretty yellow dandelion flower.

But not to worry, there are more flowers budding and soon they will blossom also.

Even our strawberry plants are flowering and starting to bear fruit.

These are not all of the varieties of wildflowers in the yard. They are so many different types. And they all have such vivid bright colors.

My friends in snow country will just have to have a little patience and "April's showers will bring May's flowers"

I am anxiously awaiting the shuttle launch. We can actually feel the rumble from the rocket engines here in Orlando. I always find the launches exciting to watch and photograph. Anyone who can make it to Florida for the space shuttle launch may want to do just that because there aren't too many left. Have a great day. Did you enjoy my flower show? Lew

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Why does a santoku knife cut so thin. The only difference that I can see are the shallow grooves along the blade. Does anyone have any ideas? The name sounds oriental.

Mary got one included with a knife set that she got a while back. She really likes the knife and agrees that it does cut really thin.

I have also seen in the stores that you need a special knife sharpener to sharpen the knife. I don't have one but I guess that I will have to get one someday. But as procrastinators always say, "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow". So I will get the special knife sharpener someday, just not today. And as I always say "Have a great day for those of us in Florida and for those living up north (especially Long Islanders) keep shoveling snow from the driveway. Lew