Sunday, August 16, 2009

coconut pancakes

Today’s breakfast was coconut pancakes with maraschino cherries. Mary mixed lots of shredded coconut into the batter which actually made the pancakes a bit thicker than usual.

After they had cooked for a bit she added the maraschino cherries. After a bit more cooking, she flipped them and Voila’, fancy gourmet pancakes.

Mary didn’t put any butter on hers but I did on mine. Then a generous serving of pancake syrup (mine was sugar free) and the feasting began. It was quite good and hopefully we will have it again some time.

Today was a “stay at home” day with some yard work until it got just plain too hot and then I retreated into the air conditioned house in the early afternoon for the remainder of the day. When will September 1 get here? The sooner the better. Just slightly over two weeks to go. I am looking forward to it.

I am struggling with a southern dogwood tree in the front yard that was planted directly beneath the power lines coming into the house and with the summer sunshine and the summer rains it is growing so fast it is a constant battle to keep the vertical branches from reaching into the power lines. As fast as I trim the branches they seem to grow right back again. I feel a little bad about cutting the limbs. After all, wasn’t the dogwood the tree that Christ’s cross was made from? It almost seem slightly sacrilegious to be cutting on it. Because of the problem with the power lines, I am essentially trying to turn the tree into a bush. But I don’t want to cut too much at any one time because I don’t want to traumatize the tree to the point where it might die. So I give at least a week between cuttings for the tree to recover.

Have a nice evening watching television. I multi-task when I watch television. I do crossword puzzles at the same time that I am watching a program on television. I do the crosswords when there is a slow spot or commercials. By the way, isn’t that a fancy word “multi-tasking”. Sounds really neat. Have an enjoyable day. Lew

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seaside said...

Looks like wonderful pancakes. Our breakfast was bacon,eggs with a little cream cheese and some cut up tomato.