Sunday, August 23, 2009


Hello? Is anyone in there? Do you need help? Can you get out okay? That is what this picture seems to say. This is the neighbors house as it slowly succumbs to the growth of the vines. Almost looks like something from a sci-fi movie. Maybe attack of the killer tomatoes or the day of the triffids.

It is interesting to watch the progression which is now going full speed because of the rainy weather and bright sun. I just wonder what the end result will be. However, the weather is so hot right now that perhaps the vines will shade the house and help to keep it a little bit cooler. In the afternoon sun I can work outside for about an hour and then I need to come into the air conditioned house and get cooled down. Has anyone ever ordered a replacement battery for a cordless Dewalt drill? Let me warn you that there is a lot of sticker shock because they are so expensive. $ 38 + tax+ $10 shipping. Ouch!! The old battery just won't hold a charge any more. The Dewalt brand of power tool is suppose to be top-o-the-line and I do like it for its power. It just eclipses all other cordless drills that I have owned in the past. The drill is the only Dewalt power tool that I have because of the sticker price on the tools. I like it because of the small size of the Dewalt drill and relatively lightweight as compared to the larger drills and relatively easy to use. Maybe I should have gotten the old fashioned "egg beater" style of drill. Only the older folk will remember those. I had them when I was young but I never had much luck with them. I couldn't get them to even begin to drill through metal. Gotta go. Keep cool wherever you are. Lew

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seaside said...

Stormy over at the beach. The sun is shining, but the dark clouds are dancing around in the sky. How long did your other battery last before it went bad? When paying the price consider the length of time the battery last. Hopefully the next one will last a good long time.