Tuesday, August 11, 2009


You can see where I had cut the main branch but the tree is determined to regrow the limb. How resilient the tree is. I will let the little sprout grow since the tree is trying so hard. I was just surprised at how close to the cut stump the new growth was. Everything in the yard is growing so rapidly. I guess that it must be all of the rain. It seems that I am on non-stop trimming. Trimming of everything from trees to grape vines to bushes to marigolds.
Villager was right about water making marigolds grow. But I must admit that I put a little Miracle-Gro on them also. Actually, I put a lot of Miracle-Gro on them. Have a nice day. With all of the rain and Miracle-Gro I know that the marigolds will have a very nice day. Lew

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