Wednesday, August 26, 2009

bluest of blues

Remember this picture of the faded flower? Well, if you look close toward the bottom you can see a real pretty blue flower that has appeared.

As you can see, it is a really pretty blue flower with such an intensity of colorful. I can understand why my great grandfather had a very large garden and I do mean very large, and the only thing that he grew was flowers. He had a myriad of flowers of every type and color. But his favorite was marigolds and he evidently passed that fondness of marigolds on to me because that is my favorite flower also. Whenever my parents would visit him he often took me outside to show me his flower garden and especially his marigolds. He always praised his marigolds. He spent his golden years of retirement tending his garden. He enjoyed life and had a passion for the beauty of nature.
Today was the last day for Arby's free sandwiches and we stopped and got them for lunch on our way back from Longwood. I spoke to the manager and he told me that the free Wednesday sandwich promotion has now ended after today. I was hoping that they might continue it but that was not to be. After we got home, we did some yard work but only for about a half hour before the rains were upon us. The rains were a real "frog strangler" but they would start and then stop and then start and then stop and then ............................. The cat was outside during the first of these rainstorms and it was a real heavy downpour. She wasn't in the garage and we expected a drenched sopping wet cat to return when the rains had stopped and to be looking very similar to a drowned rat. Well, she showed up on the front porch bone dry. We figure that perhaps she was staying under one of the neighbors houses to keep dry. Usually she will be in the garage at times like these, but not this time. These cats seem to have their own little secret hiding places. We had barbeque ribs done on the Ron Popeil Showtime rotisserie. "Set it, and forget it." They were good. Macaroni salad was a side. Have a pleasant evening. Lew

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seaside said...

Pretty blue flower. Glad Tammy the cat is OK.