Friday, August 14, 2009

Green Acres

This is Benny the Bunny’s outdoor retreat. His own private Green Acres. Here he can be outside and yet protected from predators like the hawks we have flying overhead just looking for something to swoop down on, like a rabbit. The door on the front of the cage lifts up and has a lock on it to keep it from falling back down. We decided to put a bunch of cut grass into the cage so that he would have something soft and cool to lay on.

Well, he loves it. I guess for a rabbit it just doesn’t get much better than this. Freedom to run around outside unattended would cost him, what with all of the feral cats, hawks, and maybe raccoons (although I have never seen any). Mary will take the rabbit for a walk on occasion on leash with a special vest-type harness. Plus the rabbit gets an unlimited run in the dining room each afternoon as well some running around on the couch with Mary as we watch television in the evening. The rabbit seems to enjoy human company and will even rub noses with Mary as a sign of affection. He especially likes for me to brush him with a brush. So now there is a pampered rabbit in addition to the pampered cat and the pampered dog. Have a good day and take a trip to your local zoo and see the animals. Lew

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seaside said...

It is nice you are good to your animals. It sounds like they are very happy. My music cd of Incanto finally came. I have enjoyed some of the music of Andrea Bocelli. Some is really good and others is kind of average.