Monday, August 24, 2009

icy cold popsicles

The good news about summer is that it is popsicle time. After all, who would eat a popsicle during the icy cold winter months? And now these frozen treats come in such a variety of flavors.
I use them for a quick cool down. And they even come sugar free. I even found an inexpensive brand at Wal-Mart and the best part is that the flavors are so intense. They are great. The blue ones are my favorite and they taste like the blue icee’s at 7-11 which I believe is a raspberry flavor. The white ones are coconut. There just doesn’t seem to be anything finer when I am hot, than sitting in my air conditioned living room with a tower fan turned on full blast eating a popsicle and drinking from a glass of ice water. Within a matter of minutes I am almost on the chilly side. Well, at least cool. Does anyone else have any suggestions for getting cool?
Eve’s. No not the Garden of Eden Eve. More like Christmas eve and New Year’s eve and Lew’s birthday eve. I have already gotten a very nice birthday card from Villager and Seaside. No birthday card from my previous employment. Lillian is no longer there and thus I guess that I won’t be getting any cards from there since Lillian was the “sunshine” girl who organized all of those kinds of activities. I use the term “sunshine” because when I worked in a hospital in Phoenix we had a “sunshine club”. It was a group that once a month would rent a bus and take a bus trip somewhere like Disneyland or some other fun place. It was fun going with a group of people that you know because of the company and camaraderie of the coworkers and friends. Plus the driving was done by the bus driver and so everyone arrived at our destination refreshed, except the bus driver of course. So that was our “sunshine club” which stood for merriment and cheer. I enjoyed the trips. And who did all of the work of organizing and coordinating and promoting these trips? Yep, just one dedicated female employee who was always cheerful and upbeat. She truly seemed to enjoy it. We all had fun as a result of her labors. I don’t know what Mary has planned for my birthday and I guess that I will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Well, I do know one thing that she has planned, we are going to Sonny’s barbeque for lunch which will be yummy. I must close because I am reaching my 500 word limit for the blog. Have a good day and for those of us lucky enough to be in Florida, don’t forget to get up early tomorrow morning (1:40 am) to watch the shuttle launch. Lew

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Villager said...

A cool birthday to you, Lew. With all those colorful popcicles in the freezer, you should be able to survive until fall comes to Orlando. This morning in Williston, Glendon reported it was very fall like, chilly enough to wear pants, goldenrod and other fall foliage appearing. You remind me of my father's summer recipe for keeping cool. A big pitcher of ice tea, a large fan blowing on him, and his feet in a bucket of cold water! No AC.