Thursday, April 19, 2018

Fried Bologna

It's Sunday morning and the family is hungry.   You will make eggs, hash browns, and bacon.    The All American Breakfast.   But there is no bacon.   No problem, how about sausage.   Nope, no sausage either.   How about some fried Spam slices.   No Spam either.   OMG (Oh My Gosh) what to do.   Fried bologna.   It isn't bad.   I admit that I would rather have bacon but it is better than nothing.   As a child from time to time my mother would make fried bologna slices with breakfast.  
Now my moms bologna never came out burnt like the bologna in the picture above.  That really doesn't look very appetizing.  Hers was more like the picture below.
I happen to like bologna and so fried bologna was perfectly acceptable to me.   But frying the slices of bologna was difficult because the center kept "puckering" up.
How do you get the whole slice of bologna to lay flat so that it browns evenly.  I think that  my mom held the bologna slices down flat with a spatula and kept turning them.    What I used was one of these inexpensive bacon presses made of aluminum.    It was very light and so I would set an empty glass for weight on the knob to get it to press the bologna flat.

While on the internet I saw pictures where people had cut slits into the bologna.   I have never tried this.   I think it makes the bologna funny-looking on the plate.   Have anyone tried this?   Do you think that it makes the bologna funny-looking?   I must admit, the bologna does appear to be lying flat
So where am I going with the fried bologna topic.   I saw on the internet that they are serving fried bologna sandwiches at the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland.  
It consists of pan-seared bologna, toasted Pullman bread, ailoi, pickles and tomato.   The slice of bologna in the picture looks to be pretty thick and so probably doesn't have that problem with the center and edges puckering up.
I went to Disneyland many times in the past and I always ate at the Carnation Cafe because the Carnation Cafe was inexpensive and it still seems to be inexpensive.   But now I go to Disney World and I did a search to see if there any fried bologna sandwiches here.   The only restaurant that I found that serves fried bologna sandwiches is called the Blue Zoo (an upscale restaurant) and is located within the Swan and Dolphin hotel.    Thanks to the Disney Food Blog I saw a picture of their Fried Bologna Sandwich.
The Disney Food Blog gave praise for this fried bologna sandwich.  It consists of house-made fried bologna which is thick-cut in two slices, and layered with slabs of tomato, creamy mayo, and golden griddle-toasted rounds of bread in a fun stack. 
 The two pictures above show what looks like potato chips being served with the fried bologna sandwich while the picture below of the fried bologna sandwich at the Carnation Cafe in Disneyland shows french Fries being served with the fried bologna sandwich.      
To be honest, I would prefer the french fries over what looks like potato chips.   But the fried bologna sandwich at the Blue Zoo restaurant has two thick-cut slices of bologna.   Which to choose would be a difficult decision but I feel confident that I would choose the Carnation Cafe out of nostalgia.   What has been your experiences with fried bologna?    Would you order a fried bologna sandwich in a restaurant?

I really like the Disney Food Blog for information on both Disneyland and Disney World.    I receive their newsletter and it really keeps me up to date on new foods and restaurants in Disney.   I highly recommend it.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Passengers Movie

Our library system in Orlando is great.   I can check-out DVD movies for free.   Really great.    And they have a tremendous selection of movies.   I can go to the library website and search for a particular movie.   The search will even tell me which branches of the library have the particular movie that I am searching for.   And if the library branch that has the particular movie that I am searching for is located on the other side of town, I can request that it be delivered to me.   A driver brings the movie right to the house.   Now how is that for service.   Great.   But we were at our local branch library and looking at the DVD movies available.   We saw one that looked interesting.   It was called Passengers.
It is about a space ship transporting humans in suspended animation.   Sort of like in the movie Alien.  
But in this sci-fi movie there isn't any space monsters or people being shot with laser blasters or hacked on by light sabers......   It is more of a nice quiet movie with lots to think about.
The movie came out in 2016 and I don't know why I didn't see it in the movie theaters.   Movies are always better on the big screen.
If you haven't seen the movie and your local library has DVD's then check it out.   I give it a thumbs up.
And the special effects are really good also.
Get yourself a bag of Wise brand popcorn and enjoy the movie.   Why Wise brand popcorn?   Because I have been eating Wise potato chips as far back into my childhood as I can remember.   And I still eat them preferentially today.   That is why I mentioned the Wise brand.   Just out of nostalgia.  And yes, I agree, the absolute best popcorn is fresh popped popcorn in the movie theater.   And don't forget the salt and butter. What is your favorite brand of potato chips?
Have some fun and make tonight movie night in your household.   Lew

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers

It's the springtime invasion of the lubbers.   No, not land lubbers but the Eastern Lubber Grasshoppers.   This happens each spring.
There were just so many of them congregated in one spot.   I estimate about 20 of them.   You can see that they have been munching on the leaves.
I guess that these are juveniles since they haven't developed their wings yet.   Just look at the fiery red lines.
They grow up to be quite large.   On the internet they said that they grow to be 3 inches long but I swear that I have seen at least 4 inches long.   Maybe they just seemed that big because of the small 1 inch green caterpillars that I saw as a child while growing up in New York.   This picture of a large grasshopper is from the internet and is definitely not my finger, no way.
Some fanciful diversions on large grasshoppers.
Yeah, this what goes through my mind when I see these huge grasshoppers.  I know, an overactive imagination.
They remind me of the old sci-fi flick The Beginning of the End.   A great movie if you like the old classics in sci-fi movies.   I do, especially from the 50's.
Of course the giant grasshoppers were the result of radiation.   Aren't most of the monsters created by radiation and atomic testing?   It seems that way.
 Has anyone else had giant grasshoppers of 3" to 4" in length?   Have a great day and be happy because spring is here.   Remember "April's showers brings May's flowers".   Lew

Saturday, March 31, 2018


Minnie on the right and Tammy on the left.   First, both cats are lying facing the couch.
Then Minnie turns with her back to the couch.
Then Tammy also turns so that her back is facing the couch.
Togetherness is sleeping in unison.    And that is what our cats seem to be doing.   Minnie is young, about 3 years old.   But Tammy is older, about 9 years old.   Minnie hangs with Mary and Tammy hangs with me.    Very friendly cats.   Good companions.   Have a fantastic day.   Lew

Friday, March 30, 2018

Mea Culpa

I decided to go to Disney World a few days ago.   The traffic was horrible due to construction, especially on Disney World property.  I had my blue magic band on which has some sort of powered chip in it.   It gets me into Disney World theme parks.
To enter the park you have to hold the wristband up to a scanner so that it can read the chip.
I also have to put my finger on the finger scanner.   The finger scanner compares my finger scan to the one that they have on file for me.
The lights on the scanners are white.   If everything is alright the lights turn green and I can pass.
The light turned blue.   I have never had the light turn blue before.   The attendant cast member asked me to scan my annual pass card instead of the wristband to see if that would work.
So I got out my card and tried that.
Yep, I got the blue light again.   The cast member attendant said for me to wait.   He raised his right arm straight up and clenched his fist.   Stood there like that not saying anything else to me.
A supervisor shows up and asks me what kind of annual pass that I had.   I told him that it was a Florida resident week-day pass.    He was holding what looked like an I-pad.   He said that today was in a black-out period.   I went to guest services and talked to a manager who also told me that there was a block-out period because of spring break for the schools.   I asked him when the block-out period ended and he told me April 6.   He gave me a small booklet which had the block-out dates listed in it.
I have the day of the months that I can use my pass posted on a bulletin board by the computer.   The dates in green are the dates that I can go to Disney.   And as you can see March 27 is not green.   I was overly confident and did not check the calendar.   So I had a pleasant drive down to Disney and back through terrible traffic.    You won't need to tell me to check the calendar of dates before I go.   I won't make that mistake again.   As they say, "Experience is the best teacher".   Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea culpa.   Lew


Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Tiangong-1 reentry

Living in central Florida I get to see a lot of satellites go up on the nose of rockets.   Now I am waiting to see if I just might see the Chinese Space Station Tiangong-1 streak across the sky in a ball of fire.   Should be able to see it whether it is daytime or nighttime.   
I am following the decay of orbit on a website n2yo.   I watch for the perigee of orbit (lowest point) as it get lower and lower as the orbit decays.   As you can see the orbit will start plummeting around  03-29-2018 which is tomorrow.  
Once it burns-up and gone I wonder if the price of the plastic model kits of Tiangong-1 will skyrocket because now they are collector's items.  
Has anyone seen the price of the plastic model kits for airplanes, ships, etc lately?   More than I care to pay.    The link below is to the n2yo site where you can get up-to-date information on the status of Tiangong-1.    Keep looking up.   Lew










Saturday, March 24, 2018

Butterfly Feeder

I was recently at Epcot At Disney World.   They have a very large butterfly encounter.   Butterflies everywhere.   I asked one of the cast members (employees) if there was such a thing as a butterfly feeder which would be similar to a hummingbird feeder.   She said there were butterfly feeders and that they had one in the butterfly encounter.   I walk around the butterfly encounter surrounded by butterflies until I found the butterfly feeder.
It looks to be very similar to a hummingbird feeder.   I use to have a hummingbird feeder but after never seeing a hummingbird I gave up.   The only thing that ate the nectar in the hummingbird feeder were ants.   Lots and lots of ants.   An unending stream of ants.
        So I think that I will give the butterfly feeder since we have plenty of butterflies around the house.
We actually have a wide variety of butterflies in the yard.   Wish me luck on this new adventure.   Lew