Friday, May 25, 2018


Sushi.   I really don't care all that much for fish.   Never have.   And raw fish is a really big NO.  
But sushi always looks so good.   If only there were a kind that didn't have raw fish in it.   I finally made a compromise with a sushi called California Roll.   I believe that it may have a very small amount of fish eggs in the middle.
But Disney now has "sushi" which is right up my alley.   It is PBJ roll.  
Yep, it is pretty easy to guess what a PBJ Roll is.   Peanut butter rolled inside whole wheat bread with jam drizzled over the top.   What a great idea for kids.    I think that it is pretty neat.   Yep, that is going on my Bucket List.
There is so much more at Disney than just the rides.   The more I explore, the more I find.   Have some fun today and be happy.    Lew  

Friday, May 18, 2018

poppy seeds

Poppy seeds.   Part of the poppy plant.
The poppy flowers are so pretty.   We had them in our garden when I was a child.   I liked shaking the seed pod and watching zillions of very tiny seeds fall out of the pod.   I am not sure whether the poppy plants are annuals or perennials but they always grew in the same spot year after year.   Maybe it had something to do with my shaking the  seed pod and watching the seed fall out.   The scientific name for the opium poppy is Papaver somniferum.   That is a picture of one below.
Here is a description of the plant from the internet.

"Papaver somniferum, commonly known as the opium poppy, or breadseed poppy, is a species of flowering plant in the family Papaveraceae.It is the species of plant from which opium and poppy seeds are derived and is a valuable ornamental plant, grown in gardens."

The white sticky milky latex sap of the seed pods is the source of opium which is the source of heroin.
So where am I going with all of this?   I use to be badged by a nuclear power plant.
 I was under their random drug testing program.   I was told that poppy seeds could cause a positive result on the drug testing and so it might be a good idea  not to eat anything with poppy seeds like rolls, bread, muffins, etc. to avoid possible problems with the drug testing.   So for many years I didn't eat anything with poppy seeds in it or on it.   Here is an excerpt from the internet.

False positive drug tests

"Although the drug opium is produced by "milking" latex from the unripe fruits ("seed pods") rather than from the seeds, all parts of the plant can contain or carry the opium alkaloids, especially morphine and codeine. This means that eating foods (e.g., muffins) that contain poppy seeds can result in a false positive for opiates in a drug test. However the results provided will not be the same for someone who uses opiates."

So now that I am retired and not under the drug testing program I can now eat rolls and breads with poppy seeds because they are no longer verboten (except for sesame seeds on muffins).   I am sure that you have seen this on the internet already.  What is the size of a tick?
I know, eating muffins with poppy seeds on them may never be the same.   Have a great day anyway.    Lew

Break-Away Cakes

Breakaway cakes.   These are made by putting cupcakes all together and then generously icing over all of the cupcakes.   This is great for children because they can just grab a cupcake and enjoy.
This is a favorite breakaway cake at Christmas.   Isn't this a nice one.   Our local grocery store chain has them.   I always thought that it was such a novel idea.
But how about a breakaway donut.   I had never heard of one until this week when I visited a WAWA gas station.  
Yes, WAWA.   Sounds like a baby asking for something to drink.   But actually the station is named after WAWA, Pennsylvania.   This is one of those stations where they have all kinds of coffee already brewed.   It is really large inside.   That is where I saw breakaway donuts.
I know, the sign says pull-apart donut.   But I prefer to call it breakaway donut because it looks like little cupcakes in shape and reminds me of the breakaway cakes that I have seen in the stores for a number of years.    Did I get one?   I wanted to but I passed on it.   It sure does look good.   This is the first time that I have ever seen such a donut.   Has anyone else seen one?   If you see them, get one and don't forget to break the little pieces off of the donut.   Sure beats a plain cake donut.   Take care.   Lew

Thursday, May 10, 2018


Here is a lone periwinkle in the hedge at the front of the house.
I have heard that a rose in a garden of tulips would be considered a weed.   I really don't agree with that, a rose is a rose wherever it may be.   And this lone periwinkle plant in the hedge isn't a weed.   It is a pretty pink periwinkle wherever it may grow.   I don't know how it got here in the hedge.   We do have a lot of periwinkles growing along the side of the house.
By the way, just look at the paws and part of a head in the lower left of the picture.   It is our cat Molly.   She is so friendly and ever faithful because she follows me everywhere in the yard.   An incredibly sweet cat.
The periwinkles along the side of the house are pink but there is one periwinkle with a very pretty reddish color to it.   Yeah, there is Molly in the picture again.   She sticks to me like glue.    I have heard that cats that are black have a sweet disposition, like black Labradors in dogs.   Has anyone also noticed that the black cats seem to be more friendly?
And finally, Florida just isn't Florida without a pink flamingo in the garden.
Have a pleasant day wherever you may be.   Sit under a shade tree while reading a good book.   Of course, you do this while the hamburgers are cooking on the barbecue grill.   Be good.   Lew

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Pink Mouse for Minnie

Our cat Minnie loves watching my computer screen.  
Every day she jumps up on the desk to watch her favorite video for cats called Pinky Mouse.
I also have a bunch of cat videos for her to watch like birds and squirrels.  
But her favorite is the video with a pink mouse.  
She goes absolutely crazy for the pink mouse.
Yeah, I know that there is a danger that she  might damage the computer monitor screen, but so far everything has been fine.   Minnie was a stray that somehow found her way into our yard and adopted us.   Our veterinarian made a comment that she went from a miserable life as a stray to a life of luxury with us.  
She has the run of the house, eats the finest of cat food, and gets first class medical care.   It just doesn't get better than that.   Oh yeah, and she gets to watch videos for cats.   But only nice videos, none with cats screeching.   Actually, no cat videos at all.   She doesn't like the videos with cats in them.   And what Minnie wants, Minnie gets.   Did I mention she is spoiled with tons of attention and affection.   She is just one lucky cat.   And kittens?   No way.   That has already been taken care of.   Just do an internet search for videos for cats and your cats will have fun taking over your computer screen as well.    Lew

Friday, April 27, 2018

Weird Tomato's

Went to the grocery store the other day and I was surprised by the tomato's that I saw.   I have never seen a tomato that looked like this.   Definitely not what I am use to.  
Sort of resembles a pumpkin a little bit in shape.
Just look at this one.   Looks like it is mutated.
Maybe it was grown in Snow Canyon just north of the Trinity test site.   LOL!
It just seems so weird.   The tomato actually looks ugly, if there is such a thing as an ugly tomato.   Looks like a grumpy face to me.   I know, a lot of imagination.   But as a young child in the summer I would lie on the grass and look at the white fluffy clouds and try to guess what they looked like.
There was just a whole basket full of these strange tomato's.   Even yellow tomato's.   Has anyone else seen these types of tomato's?   Eaten any?
Bon apetit.   Lew

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Subtitles in Films

Subtitles.   Who likes having to read subtitles while watching a movie?   Not me!   The way that I see it I can either read the subtitles or watch the movie.   How can I watch the movie when I am constantly looking at the bottom of the screen instead of what is happening above the subtitles.    I know that sometimes they like to have the actors speak in their native language.   I see this often in war movies:   the Japanese soldiers speak Japanese, the German soldiers speak German, and the American soldiers speak English.   I realize that this is suppose to add realism to the film, but I still don't like it.   So recently I bought a DVD of the movie Letters from Iwo Jima.   
I get home and, yep, I discovered that it was in Japanese with subtitles in English.  
The only time that English is spoken is when an American actor speaks which from what I understand doesn't happen very often.   I am planning on readingthe screenplay before I watch the movie to familiarize myself with the movie.  In spite of the subtitles I think that I will enjoy the movie.   How do you feel about subtitles?   Have you seen the movie Letters from Iwo Jima?   Was it good?    Lew