Monday, August 17, 2009

what a tale (or tail?)

Tammy the cat doing what she does best which is sleeping. Actually, getting into mischief is a close runner-up. I got this picture to show the length of her tail in comparison to the length of her body. She really has a long, long tail.
What is that? Oh my gosh, she has awoken and we all know what that means, time for

mischief. I see her eyes open. But I don’t think that she is going to get into any mischief. She looks too relaxed.

Today Mary went shopping and got me a birthday present in addition to the scapular medal. She wanted to have a surprise gift. She said that she was going to hide the gift. I told her that if I could find my mom’s fancy chocolates when I was young, then I would be able to find her hidden gift. Mary knows the story of my mom’s chocolates. When I was young my mom would get these gourmet solid milk chocolates. They were small and shaped like seashells and other things from nature. They were very good and I am sure very expensive. While she was at work I would go through the house until I found them and ate them. Then I would put the empty box back (now that was a cowardly thing to do. After all, did I really think that she wouldn’t notice that the chocolates were gone?). Each time she got a box of the chocolates, she would hide them in a different spot. A harder spot to find than the last time. But persistence paid off and I always managed to find them. But I really won’t go through the house looking for Mary’s hidden present. I am older now, and besides I doubt that it is chocolate.

Tonight we are having lamb and fried rice. For dessert, I may have an apple pie. But not just any apple pie but a “no sugar added” apple pie. That alleviates some of the guilt of having apple pie. They were on the “day old” display at the back of the Wal-Mart and they were substantially marked down to an irresistible price. Irresistible apple pie and irresistible price was too much for me and so I got it. We always check out the discount display to see what goodies they have. Have a nice day. Lew

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seaside said...

Our dinner was macaroni and cheese with ham and okra. Today we got visited by two little dogs Holly and Raisin. Raisin is the new addition to the Howard Long family. She is a delightful ball of black puppy energy. Holly is a bit older and wants to sleep.