Saturday, August 8, 2009

north or south

North or South

I had heard that if you got lost in the woods and can’t see the sky, that you can tell which way is north and which way is south by the lichens and moss on the trees. Now the way that I heard the story was that the moss and lichen grew on the south side of the tree because that side of the tree gets the most sunlight. But the oak tree in the front has the lichen growing on the north side of the tree.

The bark on the south side of the tree is relatively bare of lichen.

Could I have gotten it wrong about which side of the tree the moss and lichen grows on? When I was young I knew the woods so well that I never got lost. The woods were my playground. But I am perplexed by the north vs south moss/lichen thing. Any ideas?

Today is Saturday and that means "big breakfast" day. Mary made fired eggs with bacon. We split a muffin to save room for the large cinnamon crumb muffins from the bakery department. I had some pineapple preserves on my half of the muffin and butter (spread) on my muffin. I had some diet cola with my breakfast. A fine repast and a good way to start off the day. Today we are going to have lunch at Hardee's because we haven't eaten out for a while. Mary likes their mushroom-swiss burger but I think that I will try their new barbeque chicken pieces. By the way I have gotten a coupon for a free fish sandwich from Captain D's fish restaurant. The coupoin is good for only 14 days and so I will have to take them up on that. I am hoping that Mary gets a free coupon also so that we can both get free fish sandwiches. Tuseday we are going to the movies at West Oaks mall because it is senior $ 5 day and there is a movie that we want to see. Before the movie I will get a free bagel from Auntie Anne's with my birthday coupon that they sent me. So we have a lot coming up to keep us busy. Have a nice day and join as many of these fast food clubs as you can to get the free coupons. Paying a low price for something is nice but getting it for free is even better. Think cool. Very cool. Maybe even a little chilly if you can manage that. It might make this hot weather easier to bear. September 1 is coming, my day of celebration of the end of the summer heat. Well, not any hotter summer heat. Lew

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seaside said...

Mom says there is an upwelling of cool water in the Atlantic ocean. I heard the temp. was 71 degrees. I am eating a lot of crushed ice for the summer. It does keep me cool. Mom and I had fresh green beans with potatoes and cut up ham chunks for dinner. Sounds like your breakfast was a major success.