Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What a bummer. Someone smashed my neighbor’s windshield. He thinks by the shape of the damage (long and about the width of a baseball bat) that they probably used a baseball bat.
The rear window was smashed out also. The front windshield is safety glass and so it holds together when smashed but the rear window isn’t and so it shattered into a thousand little pieces. This is the same neighbor whose submersible well pump stopped working and the pipe broke off when he was trying to raise it. He is just having a string of bad luck. But he did manage to get the pump up out of the well and will replace it tomorrow. I asked him if he had insurance on the car and he said that he did. Lucky for him, except for any deductible on the insurance. Since he has gotten all of his bad luck out of the way, he should buy a lottery ticket since now he has only good luck left. Have a nice day and I hope that your day is going better than my neighbors. Lew

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seaside said...

Maybe tomorrow will be better for your neighbor.