Thursday, August 20, 2009

mouse trap

This blog on mouse trapping is in response to a question posed by Seaside. Here is what I use. It is called HavAHart trap. It is a live capture. There is a bait tray inside which you can put cheese or peanut butter on. I always used peanut butter with good success. There is a program on television called Verminators which is about pest control. They also always used peanut butter for catching mice. You can just barely see the bait tray through the wire mesh in the middle part of the trap. The two levers on the side are trip levers for the two doors to close the doors when the bait tray is tripped by stepping on. Here the trap is in the set in the open position and the two

levers on the side are in their trapping position.

Trip, bam, and we got him. After trapping the mouse in the cage, I would take the whole cage with the mouse in it to a wooded are or remote field and turn it loose. I never liked hurting the mice if it can be avoided and this type of trap doesn’t hurt them. These traps come in all size from small like this one for mice all the way up to raccoon size and beyond. Your friend may want to purchase one and keep it in a closet for future use. I believe that I got mine from an animal feed store. Maybe those pet shops like Petco might have them. They work good and I highly recommend them from a humanitarian point of view. My trap in the picture is over 30 years old and has been painted and repainted repeatedly which is why it doesn’t look so good. But it still works just as good as new. Good hunting. Remember that it is the hunt and not the kill that is fun and that is why now I do all of my “hunting” with a camera and "live capture" traps.

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