Monday, August 10, 2009

air plant

Isn’t this a curious type of plant. It looks to be some sort of air plant. I see them on occasion at various places around the yard on trees. There are not very many of them. This particular one is on an oak tree in the front yard. At first I thought that it might be the beginning of a Spanish moss plant but now I am having doubts. Most anything grows in the warm tropical climate of central Florida. Any ideas?
It is Monday and that means shopping. We prefer not to go on the week-end because the stores are always crowded and the lines are long. On the week-days, the shopping seems to be carefree. Mary is going to go to the bread store to stock up on bread products. They have nice brands there like Cobblestone Mills for really low prices. They also have potato bread which I like because of its rich yellow color and sweet taste. Then she is going to do a little shopping at Dollar General. When you are retired it pays to be thrifty. While Mary is doing all of that I going to Loews to get a new handle for the water control in the shower. There is only one control for the water: push the handle to the left for hot and to the right for cold and up for off and down for on. You know the type. The knob is made out of plastic and it broke.
Also I have to trim the southern dogwood bush/tree in the front of the house. The bush/tree is sending limbs up to the electric wires again. They have only a few inches to go before reaching the wires so they have a high priority on the "to do" list.
But all is not work and no play. For lunch we are going to Captain D's for a free fish sandwich. Mary got a coupon for a free fish sandwich via email and so we both eat for free. Inexpensive is good but free is better, as they say. Have a pleasant day and maybe a small slice of key lime pie to go along with that tall glass of cold ice tea. And if you don't have a slice of key lime pie, then there is always the key lime flavor of yoplait yogurt which is pretty good. Bon apetit. Was it Julia Childs who use to say bon apetit? I don't remember which cooking show us to use that expression. Take care. Lew

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Anonymous said...

Lew, You are becoming such a good handyman around the house. It saves us lots of money on repairs.