Friday, February 1, 2013

Goodbye Sears

What was that Billy Joel song, Say Goodbye to Hollywood?   A sad song.   Well, say Goodbye to Sears, also sad.
This particular store was located in the West Oaks mall on the west side of Orlando.   It was very convenient for me because I liked their tools.   Who doesn't like Sears tools?   But if our economy is suppose to be doing better then why is this large Sears store closing?   Or should I say closed since the store closed its doors for the final time on January 27, 2013.
The first part to go was the Sears automotive sectuion some time in December.   Or at least I think that it was in December.   I went to get an oil change and this is what I was greeted with, locked doors and papered and darkened windows.
It was kind of sad to see all of the bays for the cars closed and wondering how many mechanics got laid off.   Does everyone know the difference between a recession and a depression?
A recession is when the other guy is out of work.
A depression is when I am out of work.
That analogy is probably truer than it seems.
Look at the signs on the doors, even the fixtures and equipment were for sale.   What is it they say, "A sign of the times"?   I guess that these signs say it all.
Inside the store about a week before "the end" it looked so empty with so much of the inventory gone.
Goodbye to Sears as another store bites the dust.    Lew