Friday, May 1, 2009

art festival

This is a picture of the Mt. Dora art festival that Mary and I went to a couple of years ago. It was so crowded that I couldn’t wait to get out of there and back home. Just way too many visitors. We had to pay to park miles away and ride a bus to the art festival. The bus dropped us a couple of blocks from the art festival. There were many food booths of food and snack vendors but they charged too much. Let me correct that, they charged way too much. If we go to street fairs it is usually at Lake Eola where the crowds are not nearly as bad and we can stroll along and look at the displays. Plus we can also have lunch either at a nice little patio restaurant by the swan boats or purchase something for a food vendor. All in all, much more enjoyable than Mt. Dora. However, I would like to visit the historic district of Mt. Dora at some point in the future when there aren’t any festivals going on. I am curious what the home of Pat Frank looks like. He is the sci-fi author who wrote the novel Alas, Babylon which takes place in a community in central Florida. Mt. Dora was used as the model of this fictional community. I am just curious if I can gain some insight into what his inspiration for the book might have been. Tammy the cat is free at last. Her mandatory three days of indoor recuperation from her cat scratch infection is over and she was glad to get outside once again. Mary gives her oral antibiotics with a medicine dropper twice a day and the kitty is doing well. I sometimes wonder which “bully” cat scratched her. Bullies, I think that we all grew up with them and had at least one that would torment us. But that is another story. Have nice day outside in the mornings and indoors in the afternoons. Be cool (weather-wise). Lew

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seaside said...

Looking at the picture, I feel I have been to the crowded art festival. I am glad your cat is doing better. This is our last night with Holly. Howard her owner comes back tomorrow to reclaim his princess doggy.