Thursday, April 30, 2009

a round tuit

Mary planted my scallion seeds for me. I was procrastinating on it because “I just hadn’t gotten a round tuit” as they say. I got the scallion seeds because I like scallions plus they grew wild in the front yard when I was young. My mother would ask me to go pick some “wild onions” as we called them and I would go out to the yard and start pulling them up. My mother thought that it was novel to have wild onions growing in the yard and anytime you wanted some, just go out and pick them. They were smaller than the scallions that are in the grocery store but very tasty. My mother would clean them and cut off the roots and put them into a small glass of water for the supper table. Now that is growing up in the country is all about. The onions were there every year. We didn’t have to plant them, they just kept replenishing themselves. And evidently they braved the harshness of winter just fine. The seeds that Mary planted were so small. I thought that the scallions would grow from bulbs. I looked all over the various seed racks at WalMart but didn’t see any bulbs for planting, just seeds. I seem to be having a tough time: no hummingbirds came to drink at the hummingbird feeder, no cardinals came to feed at the bird feeder, no squirrels came to the bird feeder to steal the birdseed, and my sunflowers are never as big as the Rider’s sunflowers. I hope that the scallion seeds germinate and grow into huge luscious scallions. However, to every cloud there is a silver lining and I put some of the hummingbird nectar into a small old cat food can and the ants love the nectar. They are lined up at the edge of the nectar drinking away like hogs at the trough. But that is the good news. Remember, the old saying “I have good news and I have bad news”? Well, the good news of the ants drinking the nectar is followed by the bad news that the ants are fire ants who will definitely “bite the hand that feeds them”. The term “sugar sand” sounds so nice and sweet. But it is basically beach sand and that is the soil that we have here. So imagine trying to grow plants in beach sand that has no nutrients in it. I think that is the problem of trying to grow things in the yard because the soil here is sugar sand. Gotta go. Everyone have a nice day. Today the air conditioning man comes for the spring tune-up of the central AC unit. We want to make sure that we have a nice cool summer here inside the house. Adios amigos. Lew

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seaside said...

I guess it is a matter of where you live. Mom and I heard from a friend who has a cabin in North Carolina. He spends the Summer months there and he says there are hummingbirds there. It may be cooler in the mountains. Maybe they don't like the heat. It is suppose to be in the 90's this weekend. I am glad your ac will be ready for the heat.