Wednesday, May 27, 2009

It was just another work day in Seminole county. I was in construction inspection and had to go down this particular dirt road to get to a large house that was being built by two sisters. I was just awe struck by the beauty of the road. It was something from Gone with the Wind as if this road was going to lead to the plantation house Tara. Some people don’t like Spanish moss but I think that it is pretty and gives a softening effect to a scene. What a neat it is job to have to drive down roads like these.
Mary and I went to see the movie Star Trek today. We only had to pay five dollars each. And we got a free small popcorn which turns out to be plenty of popcorn for the two of us. But the soda. A medium soda was $ 4.25. Can you just imagine that? I could get six 2-liter bottles of soda for that price at Wal-Mart. But the movie was great. Although the movie was two hours long, the time seemed to pass quickly and before I knew it the movie was over. I thought that the characters pretty much resembled the original actors as to what they might have looked in their youth. I thought the young Spock had a really strong resemblance. And of course it was a nice touch to have Leonard Nimoy appear as the original Mr. Spock. I really enjoyed the movie and I was glad that I saw it on the big screen at the movie theater where I can just lose myself in the movie. After the movie, on the way home we stopped off at Little Caesar’s pizza and picked up a hamburger pizza for supper. The pizza was good and we have plenty left over for another meal. You just can’t go wrong with pizza. It is a fun food that you eat with your fingers. I had some corn chips with it. I thought that I read somewhere that we are suppose to be restricted to 500 words per blog. Has anyone else read or heard that? It was nice to hear from Lillian and I hope that she is doing well in Delaware. Hopefully she has a blog site and is posting her daily adventures there for everyone to share in her experiences. She should be a guest on the Food channel on television and do an episode on making different types of cupcakes. She was the cupcake queen. I always tried to get her to make what is called a “break-away” cake which is a whole bunch of cupcakes next to each other and then frosting is applied over the whole thing. People just grab a cupcake and break it away from the mass of cupcakes all stuck together by the icing. But, alas, I was never successful in getting her to make one. Maybe she and Aaron can host a party and there in the center of the table will be a “break-away” cake. Wouldn’t that be a pleasant surprise for her party guests? Everyone have a great day and anyone wanting to use a solar dryer will probably have to use it in the morning because the season of the afternoon rains is upon us. Viva Gaia. Lew

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seaside said...

It is cool you heard from Lillian. I guess she must be adjusting to Delaware. Break away cake sounds wonderful. I probably could easily go for that idea. Have you seen the commerical where the older lady says "Got diabetes? Now dessert is a triple treat." It was a medical supplies place where they gave you three diabetic cook books with your order. Mom pulled the sunflower head and has it in a vase inside. The sunflower doesn't last long.