Friday, May 22, 2009

Here is our Chihuahua named Duke. He has this little plush toy tiger that he likes to play with. He also uses it as a pillow. He will move it close to his head and then rest his chin on it like in the picture. Mary named him Duke after the Duke of Earl golden oldies song. But I prefer to think of his name as The Duke after John Wayne of tough guy fame. We got an email discount coupon from Captain D’s fast food seafood restaurant. It is a pretty good savings and so we will go there for supper tonight for a fish dinner seeing how it is Friday and for traditionalist Catholics they eat fish on Fridays. It is very early morning as I type this and the dawn skies have changed their color from gray to blue so after having been essentially housebound for the past few days because of all of the rain it looks as though we are finally going to be able to get out and about today. Actually, yesterday afternoon there was very little rain but the afternoon heat made me want to stay indoors. Mary put up a handrail in the bathroom shower/tub yesterday as well as some gripping appliqu├ęs on the bottom of the tub to help prevent slipping from the soapy water. I ended up doing an on-line chat with Kodak and they guided me through the process of changing the language on the LCD display on my new camera from German to English. Somehow when I first turned the camera on for the first time and was given a language choice I clicked on English but my finger must have hit another button as well and German came up as the language. Since I don’t speak German, I was in a quandary as to how to change it to English. Kodak helped me and now the camera is fine. Try to keep dry if you happen to live in Florida where sometimes it is partly sunny. We prefer to say partly sunny instead of partly cloudy so as not to scare the tourists away. Plus it is more optimistic to say partly sunny whereas partly cloudy is pessimistic. So I will look forward to the sunny part of the partly sunny weather that we will be having today. Viva Gaia! Lew

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seaside said...

The title of this should be "Hold that tiger." Nice to see animals living the life of luxury. I remember my dog Buster and his squeaky toy. It use to worry him and he would talk with the squeaky toy in his mouth. It was fun to watch. I would squeak the toy just to get him going. The streets are flooded. Hice to be home away from the rain.