Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tammy the Cat

This is Tammy looking out the front window. When she isn’t outside running around she will sit in the window and look out. She doesn’t seem to like the heat and will come back into the house and look out the window in air conditioned comfort. I have heard the term domesticated cat and I guess that she has really become quite domesticated in wanting the air conditioned comfort. Also, she has become a picky eater; sometimes she wants Nine Lives and sometimes she doesn’t and wants Friskies and won’t eat the Nine Lives. Or sometimes she will just eat some of the chichuahua’s fried hamburger. Well, I really wouldn’t call it hamburger. It is from a Spanish market and is labeled as picadillo which is ground up something. Basically it looks like hamburger with a lot of white stuff in it. I don’t even want to think what it is but the dog likes it and so does the cat.

So Tammy the cat leads “the good life” getting everything she could possibly want and then some. I like the little Chihuahua who is my little buddy and follows me everywhere. Sometimes I feel bad when he follows me because I realize that he must take 20 steps for every one step of mine. He is a nice dog but is becoming grouchy with old age.

Today is Tuesday and we all know what that means, Senior Tuesday at AMC theaters at West Oaks mall. We are going to see the new Star Trek movie. My daughter collected all four of the Star Trek glasses that are being given out at Burger King and sent them to me for Father’s day. She mailed them to me. The glasses are made out of real glass and not plastic. It is hard for her to go shopping because their only mode of transportation is this huge semi tractor trailer rig and so parking and tight city traffic is a bit of a problem. Truck stops are good because there is plenty of room for parking. Her and her husband are just traveling all of the country. My daughter has seen the movie and told me that it was good. I will find out today. Plus we have another coupon for a free bag of popcorn which is good since I always have popcorn and a soda out of tradition. AMC sends Mary a coupon for a free bag of popcorn via email every week. I guess the coupon is a lure to get us to return to the movies again and again. Have a grand day. Lew


seaside said...

The Star trek glasses cost $1.99with a value meal. I got the Kirk glass for my mom. At the time, Kirk was all they had. It is nice to spoil your animals. They are like your kids. You want nothing less than the best for them.

Lillian said...

Aaron and I saw Star Trek the weekend before last. Of course I liked it, but I was surprised that he liked it a lot. Aaron is not very interested in science fiction in general.