Sunday, May 31, 2009

church street station

This picture was taken down in the old Church Street section of downtown Orlando. We had gone downtown to visit the Orlando History Center and decided to walk over to this area. When we went, there was very little open. I think that all of the major attractions there were closed. Although the sign on the door says that a pizza parlor is coming, we never did return to see if it had actually opened.

This is the Cheyenne Club which was closed. It looked to be like a real fancy old-time western bar. We peeked in through the windows and I could see that it was extremely fancy inside. I bet that it was probably expensive. I would have liked to have gone there when it was open just for the experience.
Isn’t this a wonderfully restored steam locomotive. It was nice to see up close. I like the cow pusher with the bars on the front of the train which was used in the days of the old west to push the cattle off of the track. The amazing thing is that there wasn’t anyone around. We could have climbed all over the train if we had wanted to but we didn’t. It is easy to imagine the street and buildings just packed with people on Saturday nights with loud country-western music playing.
Today we had beef and cheese chimichangas for lunch with tortilla chips and dip on the side. Mary likes the salsa dip and I like French onion dip. I also had some scallions and some red seedless grapes as an appetizer. The grapes were dead ripe and therefore very sweet. We went grocery shopping at Wal-Mart in the morning and now the afternoon is hot. Very hot and so we are doing our usual afternoon activities which is Mary painting and me either studying or watching some kind of documentary on television. Have a nice cool day. Lew

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seaside said...

I was there at the Cheyenne Saloon many years ago. They had singers and actors to give everyone a feel like they were at a Saloon back in the old West. I guess like what you see on "Gun Smoke" with Ms. Kitty. There was also a disco tek which my sister and ex brother in law took me to for my Sixteenth birthday. It was called something like "Phineous Phog" The name is correct,but the spelling may be off. I had my first Tequilla Sunrise there. I still say you would like" The Cheyenne Saloon" better.