Saturday, May 16, 2009

muffin donuts

These are the doughnuts Mary made from a muffin mix. They are strawberry cream cheese donuts (muffins). I find them to be guilt-free donuts. She made them to go with our breakfast which was fried eggs placed on top of Armor corned beef hash which had been cooked in the broiler to give it some crispness. It was all very good and there weren’t any leftovers. That’s how good everything was. Yummy.

Last night Mary made a cake in a swirl patterned bundt pan. You can’t see the swirl pattern because they are hidden by the chocolate frosting. The cake was a dark chocolate cake that was very moist. It reminded me of the chocolate mayonnaise cakes that my mom would make for my brother for his birthday because it was his favorite. Mary added maraschino cherries to the batter as well as crushed peanuts. After the baking and icing, she sprinkled multi-colored sugar confetti onto the cake to give it a razzle-dazzle appearance. She let it stay in the refrigerator overnight and we had a piece after our lunch and it was very good. We went to a number of electronic stores and looked at digital cameras and web cams but we didn’t buy any because I wanted to look at the camera specifications on the internet. I found 10 megapixel cameras with lithium ion batteries in the price range that I wanted but it came down to two cameras and I want to see the ISO speed of each. Tonight we are roasting a whole chicken via “set it and forget it”. Yep, Ron Popeil’s showtime rotisserie. I don’t get to use it as often as I like because it is quite a job to clean it up. But the chicken is always quite tasty and a lot of the grease does drip out of the chicken down onto the drip tray.
Word count. I thought that I read somewhere that I am limited to 500 words on each blog. That is pretty hard for a talker like me. So I type up my blog in a word document first and then use the word count function under tools to see how many words I have and I also run a spell check for typo errors. A few days ago I was typing a long blog directly into the blog site and the computer came up with an error message and I lost the entire blog. All of that work down the drain. I was discouraged and didn’t have a blog that day. Well, my word count is past 425 and so it is time for me to sign off. Have a happy day. Lew

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seaside said...

The doughnuts sound so good and the breakfast sounds like a winner. The cake looks nice. Dinner tonight for mom and I was tuna fish sandwiches and Italian Campbell's soup from a can. The soup was watery, but the tuna fish was good. Dessert was chocolate pieces from an sugarfree box of Russel Stover. It would normally cost $8.99, but I got it for a $1.06 thanks to an 8 dollar value buck coupon. It helps to look at your coupons.