Thursday, May 7, 2009

Lew & friend

This is a picture of Lew and friend. This is the skeleton that I used when teaching x-ray at the Hi-Tech Institute. The facilities were new and beautiful. They had everything in equipment and teaching aids that an instructor could think of. I enjoyed working there because my fellow teachers were so pleasant. It was nice to be passing on my knowledge of x-ray to the students. The best person was John Hill who was very kind and gracious. He made teaching look so easy and was a natural at it. I tried to learn as much as I could about teaching from him and emulate him as much as possible which was a daunting task because he was so good at what he did. When I was in high school there was a room in the school just for the teachers. There was a sign above the door that said “faculty lounge” and a sign on the door that said “teachers only”. The glass window in the door was heavily frosted and no one could see in. Whenever a teacher entered or left the room I would try to look into the room to see what it was like, but all I saw was a room full of cigarette smoke to the point that I couldn’t see. I was just curious what it was like in the teachers lounge but graduated having never found out what was behind the door. Then I took a teaching position at Hi-Tech Institute and when the program manager John Hill said that he was going to show me the teachers lounge, I could literally feel the excitement within me because know I was finally going to find out just exactly what a teachers lounge is like. There were table, chairs, a full service kitchen, lockers, candy/snack machine, soda machine, and a really neat cappuccino machine that made regular coffee, cappuccino’s, hot chocolate, and latte. And the best part was that the coffee was free. I was really quite happy at finally getting into the teachers lounge which I and all other students had been banned from in high school. It was a nice area to rest and relax, have a free cappuccino and talk with the other instructors. I had a good time at Hi-Tech Institute. We are still having lunch at KFC today and a trip to the library afterwords to get some books and DVD's. They have a very good selection of movies at the library that are available for checkout. And to top everything off, just when I thought that it could not get any hotter in May, the weatherman is predicting 94 degrees for Friday and Saturday here in Orlando. So bring on the ice cold lemonade. Have a cooler day than me (ocean breeze, remember) and enjoy. Did you get your ashes yesterday (Ash Wednesday)? Lew

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seaside said...

Ash Wednesday comes before Easter. That was a nice story about the teacher's lounge. It satifies the curiousity of people like me to know what the teacher's lounge is really like.