Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a magnificent dawn. The sun which is still below the horizon is lighting the clouds and giving them a reddish glow. There is always something about the dawn and the start of a new day. A fresh start. What is the expression, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” The dawn is a time to reflect on the previous days accomplishments and mistakes and to learn from the mistakes and try and not make the m again. Learning from one’s mistakes helps to improve the individual. I feel that it is important to try and improve myself as a human being. I think that my purpose here in this life is to learn, to learn to be a better person. Chuck with his degree in philosophy would probably be better able to express this. But enough of the heavy philosophical stuff. Today is Saturday and that means “big breakfast” day. Mary told me last night that she is planning on having a fancy omelet with green peppers mixed in and with maple cured sausage also as the main entrée which she did. This was complimented with English muffins with butter and raspberry jam. Of course, today I have a list of things that I want to do around the house ranging from cutting some limbs on the camphor tree to sanding down the door of the shed. (When will the limb cutting ever end?) We try not to go out too much on the weekends because that is when the working people are out doing things and every where it is crowded. Hopefully we may might get to go to the flea market in Webster which is northwest of Orlando, way out beyond Clermont so it is a bit of a drive. But the flea market is held only on Mondays and it is not real crowded because most people are working on Monday. Plus there is a cozy little restaurant at the flea market with a lot of rustic ambiance called The Speckled Bean Café. They have a buffet and the food is real good and inexpensive. But the best part is the drive up there and back because on the last 20 mile stretch of road to Webster there is a carpet of wildflowers on both side of the road. The wildflowers are really thick and using the word “carpet” is the best way to describe them. They flourish in great abundance. It really is quite a sight to see and appreciate. And those weeds in your front yard? If they have a flower then they are no longer considered weeds but wildflowers. And try to imagine your front yard not having an occasional wildflower here and there but a thick pretty carpet of either blue, yellow or red wildflowers. When I was young, our yard had lots of dandelions which I liked because they were such a bright yellow and when they went to seed I got great pleasure blowing on the flower seeds and watching them float away on the wind. I have a wild dandelion in the backyard but it is not like the dandelions up north. It doesn’t grow low to the ground and has a much smaller flower. But we do have lots of a very pretty blue wildflower in the yard. In some spots they grow in bunches with lots of blue flowers all together in a bunch. It makes me want to pick them and put them into a bud vase. The blue color is very intense. Plus the leaves look like grass which is good. Have a good day and don’t pick the wildflowers but capture them in pictures instead. Gotta go. I am way over on my word count. Lew

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seaside said...

I understand what you are talking about. I so wanted to pick those type of flowers when I see them.They don't have much in the way of fragrance, but they do make a nice bouquet.Plus, there would be plenty leftover for the next guy to pick. How many people you know just ignore and drive by without paying any attention to the beauty right outside their car window.