Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Mary and I were visiting St. Augustine and we were going through the old historical downtown section when we saw these two dogs. The dogs reminded me of the character “Stripe” in the movie Gremlins. Stripe was the leader of the bad Gremlins and had a stripe of white hair down his head. We talked to the owner and she told us the name of the breed which I don’t remember. She said that they were hairless except for the white stripe on the top of the head and the tail. The dogs were friendly and we got to pet them briefly. The dogs drew attention from everybody. This old historical section of St Augustine which is near the Spanish fort has a lot of tourist shopping. It is nice just to casually stroll down the street which has no vehicular traffic on it. There is just so much to see in St. Augustine. I could probably spend a week there and probably not see everything. A fun city to visit and a very relaxing city to visit also.

Of course my favorite sight to visit is the old Spanish fort. I try to imagine what it must have been like with the Spanish conquistador soldiers in their colorful outfits. And the firing of the cannons with all of the smoke and noise. Like something out of a movie. Have a drip-dry day. Lew

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seaside said...

I got a book on St. Augustine ghost. Did you go to the Columbia Restaurant in St. Augustine? I use to like to get their Chicken Chimchangas there. It is a very high class Spanish Restaurant which also has a location in Tampa and I think down around Disney. When mom and I stayed overnight at a bed and breakfast, we watched a reinactment take place where people marched at night in outfits from the past holding lit torches. It was pretty cool to watch.