Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is that a tank?

Aren’t these pictures just amazing? A tank from world war I. This is located at Hollywood Disney at Disneyworld at the Indian Jones attraction. Where on earth would someone find an old tank from world war I for sale? And can you just imagine the logistics involved in getting it from probably Europe to Orlando? It is just amazing what they do at Disney and nothing seems impossible to them. They have more antiques on display at the Indiana Jones attraction in addition to the tank. Usually people are in a hurry to get from one thrill ride to another and don’t take time to “smell the flowers” as they say and look at the accessory items. The little details that Disney puts into its attractions are worth enjoying also. I try to slow myself down to see these closely rather than just a passing glance as I pass by. But the temptation to hurry is so strong because there is just so much to see and we want to see everything in one day and to beat the lines (impossible) at the next thrill ride. Yeah, I am a big fan of Disney and I really miss working there. As we use to say at Disney “Have a magical day”. Lew

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seaside said...

Those tanks look so huge. I can picture them running over trees and would clear out people in a hurry. I wonder if the space shuttle will seem antique when it goes into retirement next year. Will people pass it by like they do the tanks? I like Indiana Jones and I do think of myself as a Harrison Ford fan. I will go see any new movies he makes, if he decides to star in another picture.