Monday, May 11, 2009


This is what a drain field for a septic tank looks like. This is a new installation so no one has flushed the toilets yet. LOL. Well, what did you think goes into the drain field? Actually, the yucky stuff goes into the septic tank and the water goes into the drain field. The fellow in the dark blue levis is Peter and he is training the guy in the light blue pants on the procedures for doing a drain inspection.

But who is that guy in the light blue pants? Let’s take a closer look to be sure.

Yep, it sure is. It is Lew. Being a brand new drain field it is clean. This job as a drainfield inspector only lasted six months. I was very good at inspecting radiation in my former job but lousy at being a septic tank/drain field inspector. I guess that my heart just wasn’t in it, but my feet were (pardon the pun). It was interesting and I learned a lot but I was glad when it was over. The good thing about a job like this is that whatever the next job is, it is going to be better. Do you notice how sandy the soil is? I was always afraid of it suddenly collapsing in on me. It never happened but I was nervous about it never-the-less. Those long black plastic tunnels are called infiltrators and store the water until it can soak into the ground. This job gave a whole new meaning to the expression “some days you step in it, and some days you don’t”. I learned real quick about the “some days you step in it” part.
I am looking forward to seeing the launch of the shuttle today. Now that there is only a limited number of them left I figure that I had better watch some of them. Plus there is a certain excitement to it all as I hold my breath to see if some unexpected “hold” on the launch will pop up at the last minute. I will be glued to the television set while some people I know who are lucky enough to live on the coast can sit in lawn chairs and watch it from their front yard. Lucky, lucky, lucky. Some people just have it made. But then I have Disney and Universal plus some pretty good inexpensive Chinese restaurants. So I guess that there is a bright side to everything.
Have a good day and keep looking up. Lew

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seaside said...

The shuttle here was a little speck of light. It did have a small trail. However, there were storm clouds threating to block our view all together. Our neighbor Pauline arrainge with a friend of hers to watch the shuttle from her roof top. She has an open upstairs loft which she has patio furniture out to view shuttles or just to have a bird's eye view of the surroundings.