Saturday, May 16, 2009


So here I am driving up US-27 here in Florida near the center of the state when I see from afar something that looks like either a missile or a military bomb sticking out of the roof of a car alongside the road.

When I finally reached the car I pulled over and got these pictures.

These pictures were taken quite a number of years ago when Saddam Hussein was the ruler of Iran. I take it that whoever put this alongside the road was not too thrilled with Saddam Hussein because they sure went through a lot of effort.
It is dawn and the sky has gone from gray to blue and any moment the sun will peek over the horizon. Where I sit each morning in the house faces due east with a window so each morning I get to see the sunrise. The cat is happy, she has been let outside for her playtime and she is already in a tree and has climbed all the way to the top. Fortunately, she is not one of these cats who climbs a tree and can’t get down. She seems to get down with ease jumping from one branch to another as she descends. Being young (less than one year old) she is very agile. Our Chihuahua on the other hand is getting old and stiff and a little bit grumpy. He walks stiffly and has difficulty jumping up onto the couch and chairs. He uses a sewing hassock that is half as high as the seat cushion to jump on as a go-between step in getting on the couch. With the hassock he can get onto the couch with ease. In the dining room there is a small cardboard box that serves the same purpose. Mary paints at one end of the dining room table and I study or use my laptop at the other end and the Chihuahua likes to lay on the dining room chair between us. The dog is a people dog in that he always likes to be with us. If he accidentally gets left behind in a room such as the computer room and the door gets shut he lets us know with an “alert” type barking. The same type of bark as Lassie would do on the television show to let Timmy’s mother know that Timmy has fallen down the well or some other malady. It was unique how they always knew specifically what the bark meant and would follow Lassie to save the day. Villager made a very articulate response to one of my blogs recently which shows that she has a penchant for writing and should write more. Especially setting her memoirs to pen. Seaside seems to have inherited the writing ability and is able to hold my interest in her blogs. I especially like the pictures. And speaking of pictures, today is camera day when we look for a new camera for me. I want to be able to get pictures with the detail that seaside gets which means more megapixels than I currently have which is 2.1 megapixels which is really low. I went to the Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Office Depot websites and looked at their jillions of cameras. I saw one just like seaside’s and it was very fast in exposures. The ISO was 3200 which is very fast. But I am looking for something more compact with a lithium ion battery and around 10 or 12 megapixels. Mary’s camera is 12 megapixels and I notice that when I take pictures with her camera I can enlarge them without any loss of detail or crispness. Gotta go, my word count is high. Lew


Lew said...

I meant to say that Saddam Hussein was the ruler of Iraq and not Iran. "Stupid is as stupid gets" as Forrest Gump use to say. By the way I never did fully understand what that meant. Can anyone explain fully? Lew

seaside said...

I just call it a small bo bo. "Stupid is as stupid gets" I guess is an equality of words. If you do the act, then you are guilty of the act. I decided to eat lunch at home where the only voice is the television set. There was rain when I went into New Smyrna, but when I crossed the South bridge the rain stopped. What an awesome picture. I hope you get the top of the line camera. I also enjoy your blogs very much.