Saturday, May 2, 2009


This is a picture of me in my office in Miami. Jose passed by my door with a new Polaroid camera one day and decided to test the camera by taking a picture of me. At the last moment I decided to hold up a tabloid that I had. “Castro Dead of Heart Attack”, the emblazoned headlines declare. Wow, what news. But wait, take a look at the date on the picture of when it was taken that I wrote on the bottom of the photograph. Well, so much for the reliability of the tabloid headlines. And to think that I actually paid hard earned money for this tabloid. But I must admit that sometimes I will read some of the tabloids as I stand in line at the grocery store. If not the tabloids then those small pocket sized recipe books with the mouth-watering pictures of food on the covers. I had a beautiful office with a window that went from floor to ceiling and from wall to wall which looked out onto the Miami arena. I could watch the seaplanes come in for a landing in Miami Bay. It was a nice office with a lot of equally nice coworkers. I had a good time and that is probably why I stayed for twenty four years. The time just seemed to go so fast. Now I am in Orlando where there is Disney, Universal, Sea World, and a jillion other things to do and once again the time seems to pass so fast. I have finished my toast and coffee and it is still dark outside. I always like the dawn because with it comes the optimism and newness of the beginning of a new day. Yesterdays problems are behind me and I am determined to have a good day. After all, there is Disney, Universal, Sea World, etc. The weather here in Orlando is still nice but it is getting warm and actually bordering on hot. I do what I have to do in the cool morning and stay inside in air conditioned comfort in the hot afternoon. Sort of like the “afternoon siesta” philosophy in Mexico. It is dry right now with clear skies with a bright sun burning down but soon the rains will come when it rains every afternoon. Not nice cooling rains, but rains that just raise the humidity up to 100%. What is a person to do when the humidity gets to 100%? Yep, you guessed it, go inside and enjoy the air conditioning. I like my AC. I guess that I just don’t have the pioneering spirit or stamina when folks would walk across the country beside their covered wagons in the summer heat. Life was tough then but life is good now and I like “the good life”. Everyone in the south have a nice cool day today and those folks who are lucky enough to live near the ocean can enjoy the cool ocean breeze, smell the salt air, and listen to the sounds of the pounding surf. People like me here in Orlando will just have to settle for “Disney, Universal, Sea World, and a jillion other things”. Enjoy and peace be with you. Lew

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seaside said...

When you used the last line "Peace be with you" I thought of attending mass yesterday and not shaking hands when the priest wanted to say "let us offer each other the sign of peace." The swine flu scare puts things to the extreme. It does get hot during the day over at the beach, but I look at it as good drying weather to put clothes out on the clothes line to dry. They come back in with a fresh dry smell. I did hear from Lillian last night on instant message. She also prefers Florida to Delaware. She says it rains there.