Friday, May 8, 2009

jail escape

Just a little humor from when I worked in Sanford. Today is the day, 94 degrees, in the shade no less. Sure wish that I could take a dip in that nice cool ocean water, smell the salt air, feel the breeze on my face, be gently rocked by the ocean swells as I lay on my back on a float raft. But alas poor Yorick, I am in Orlando and all I can do is imagine what it would be like and look at Seasides pictures. Today is library day, some yard work, some inexpensive milk from Walgreens (seems like they are always having it on sale), pick-up prescriptions at WalMart, and of course don't forget the free Mothers Day lunch for Mary at Captain D's. We don't normally eat out that much but it just seems that everyone is giving free food away so we have to take advantage of it. And these are full-size meals, not like the little tiny samples that they give you in the food court at the mall. Isn't it amazing how a day just fill up with things to do. Have a pleasant day dreaming of snow and pretending that you are in an igloo and there is howling blizzard outside. That should help emotionally with the high heat for those of us in central Florida who don't get that cool ocean breeze and a cooling barfoot stroll in the ocean waves as they lap up onto shore. Must be nice (not that I am envious. Well, maybe just a little envious.) Take care. Lew

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seaside said...

I spent my afternoon in a cool movie theater watching the new "Star Trek" movie. Yes, I did watch the old series and I can tell you where the things that were in the movie didn't match in the old series. I did like the characters, but they need to be structured more with personality. I guess my one main complaint is that Spock's mom was killed off in the beaming up process of the movie. The original Vulcan was disappearing into a black hole and Spock's mom slipped into the hole while trying to be beamed to the Enterprise. I am curious how they will explain that one away when in the old series she makes a later appearance as well as in Star Trek Four. I was also hoping they would explain Spock and Uhura when Spock was married to a Vulcan.