Friday, June 19, 2009

tippy toes

Isn’t there an old expression about “the curiosity of a cat”? Well, it appears that our cat Tammy is exhibiting that very same curiosity.

There is a hedge that runs along the front porch in a planter wall. This one of Tammy’s favorite places to be. She has the shade from the hedge, the cool earth to lie on, and a secluded spot to watch the goings-on of the neighborhood. Here she seems to be curious about something in the hedge and is up on her tippy toes to get in as far as she can without really going all the way in. I got the picture because I really don’t remember seeing her or any other cat get on their tippy toes before. I guess that something in the hedge really has her curiosity.

A few moments later she came back down flat-footed.

I never did discover what had her attention but exploring is what she seems to do most of the day. And if there is an empty cardboard box in the house. then Tammy, the curious cat, just has to see what is inside of it. Have an inquisitive day and read the latest issue of the Enquirer tabloid which is for enquiring minds. Lew


Anonymous said...

Lew, remember also when we bring home the groceries? Tammy jumps up on the chair by the table and watches us unload the groceries to see what groceries we brought home and to see if there is anything in the bag for her. Such a curiosity.

seaside said...

That sounds so sweet. I talk with my sister Glendon and her cat stays mostly outside. She perfers it this way. The cat does sit on her lap while she drinks coffee, but the cat gets tossed outside after she is finished.