Friday, June 26, 2009

suicidal tree

The tree is a southern dogwood and it keeps growing up to the electric lines. As fast as I trim it back, it grows again. It is a constant battle with this tree. I jokingly say that the tree is trying to commit suicide by reaching for the electric wires. But I will keep it cut back so that it won’t be able to reach the wires and knock out the electric. To the left of the tree you can see the small clumps of wildflowers growing up out of the grass. These are the pretty blue wildflowers. They have a really strange looking root system. They seem to be popping up all over the yard and increasing in numbers. On the fence is a potato vine. It is small and they never seem to get very big.

At this stage of trimming there was a “V” cut into the top of the tree. But since then I have smoothed the top to make it all even. There are so many things that don’t want to grow here but this southern dogwood tree just seems to be thriving. I am not sure but didn’t the wood for Christ’s cross come from the dogwood tree. That would sort of make this tree a bit of living history in a way. Stay cool one and all. Lew


seaside said...

I wonder if it reaches around your power lines if the Utilities wouldn't help trim it for you. This is just a thought.

seaside said...
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