Sunday, June 14, 2009

Father's Day

It is early morning and as I look out the window eastward toward the horizon I see the golden hues given to the sky by the rising sun which is about to peek itself above the horizon. It is a pretty sight and I can see why the ancient cultures worship the rising sun. Today is father’s day and because my daughter is not here Mary has very kindly decided to celebrate it with me. Knowing that I am a star trek fan, my daughter did get me a complete set of the four star trek glasses from Burger King. They are very nice. My new camera which is great was suppose to be my father’s day gift from Mary but I see a large blue wrapped package of something else which she has gotten me. She is very generous.

Last night she baked a lemon cake for me with white frosting and on top of the frosting she sprinkled some sugary sprinkles which are called funfetti. I like lemon cake because the lightness of the lemon offsets some of the sweetness.

This morning Mary is going to make pancakes with strawberries. For lunch she is taking me to the Olive Garden for some Italian food. Their salads with the house dressing and warm garlic bread sticks is a meal in itself. And they always bring such a large bowl of salad. They call it the “bottomless bowl” because they will keep refilling it as often as you like. They do the same thing with the warm garlic breadsticks, they keep refilling your bread basket. It has been a long time since I have been to the Olive Garden. The Olive Garden will definitely be a step up from Cicci’s. I like their eggplant parmesan and their lasagna also. Gotta go. It will be time for breakfast pretty soon. Lew

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