Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Yep, that’s an ant hill. But not just any ordinary ant hill, this one is a fire ant hill. You know, those tiny reddish-brown ants that pack quite a wallop in their stinging bite. The ones to be avoided at all costs. But no one seems to have told Tammy the cat about ants.

Here she seems to be using an ant hill as a pillow to rest her chin on. It doesn’t seem too smart to use an ant mound as a pillow. She even has her eyes shut as if she were taking a nap. The strange thing is that the ants don’t seem to be bothering her at all. Isn’t that something. I know that the ants dislike me because they have bitten me many, many times over the years. But these ants seem to like her or at the very least tolerate her leaning on their ant hill. One day in downtown Miami I was returning from lunch and cutting through the parking lot of the City of Miami police headquarters. Up rode a mounted policeman on his horse. He stopped near a tree, got off, and tied the reins of the horse to the tree. It was shady and sandy under the tree. The policeman went into the building and within a minute or two the horse went crazy, bucking, kicking, and thrashing around all over the place. The horse was acting like a rodeo bronco horse. A bystander ran into the police building and told him what was happening. The officer came out and got his horse and led it away. He was glaring at the people. I can only guess that he must have thought that someone may have done something to his horse. After he left I walked over to the tree and there on the ground was an ant colony. Without realizing it he had tied his horse on top of an ant colony. It was a small ant colony but evidently there were enough ants to drive the horse crazy. So why didn’t they drive Tammy the cat crazy? I have no idea. It will probably remain a mystery. Lew
p.s., Today is free Wednesday at Arbys and the free giveaway is a roast beef sandwich and Mary and I will each get a free roast beef sandwich. Plus we will buy a couple of sodas and split a large french fry. Their french fries are the curly type. I like them because they hold a lot of ketchup. You know me and my love of ketchup. The more, the better.

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seaside said...

The picture of the ant hill gives me the creeps. I can picture how bad it must have felt to get biten. Hopefully the officer would be a little more sensitive to his horse's needs. Maybe later, he discovered welts on the horse's legs. I guess I just hope for the best.