Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Grand Union

An exercise in pronunciation; unnecessary, unkempt, unimaginable. Do you see the pronunciation of the “un” portion of the words? My dad was manager of a Grand Union grocery store and the kids would tease me when I was young. They would pronounce the “un” like above so that union would sound like onion. They would take great pleasure in teasing me by saying that my dad was the manager of the Grand “Onion”. They did this frequently for a while and it would make me angry and although I don’t remember getting into a fight over it, I probably chased a few of them. Kids love to tease and we are all on the receiving end at one time or another. The picture above is of onions that have sprouted so Mary is going to plant them outside in the ground to see if they will grow. Hopefully it will result in a grand “onion”. I just couldn’t resist the pun. Mary remains very active in her gardening here at the house and has a lot more luck at it than I do. Instead of my the having the touch of Midas I seem to be more like the kiss of death with plants. The only thing that I seem to have luck with is the marigolds thanks to Villager. When they look dried up and completely dead, I remember her advice about watering them and they come back to life, turn green, and sprout flowers. I have started watering the marigolds by hand a few days ago because they were all dried up and they have already produced several flowers. When I am at Wal-Mart and in their garden department, I always taken time to smell the marigolds. Surprisingly the different colors have different degrees of intensity of scent. The orange ones seem to have the strongest scent. I would have thought that they would have all been the same. Is it true that marigolds are in a class of plants that is suppose to repel mosquitoes? Have a “grand” day. Lew

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seaside said...

I like onions especially big ones. I am glad Mary can grow good big onions. They are good in soups, spaghetti,salads and chili. Now if we could just top that off with some blackberry pie with some ice crean the week would be complete. There was someone in my school who would pronounce quarter (Quater) kind of like Water. She was from New Jersey and had a real heavy accent.