Wednesday, June 17, 2009

orange tree

This is one of the oranges on the orange tree in the backyard. The orange tree is now about 4 feet high and has about 5 or 6 oranges on it. It is still green and looks like a large lime but with time we should have a large juicy orange (optimism at its finest). The orange tree should grow big and strong, what with all of the pampering, watering, and fertilizing that it is getting. Now I just have to decide on how to eat that first orange. Do I just peel it and eat it or section it and eat it or squeeze the juice out and drink it. A lot of options and decisions on what to do with that very first orange. Have a nice day. Lew

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seaside said...

What type of orange is it? Some oranges are sweeter than others. If you get lots of fruit, you can freeze some of the juice for later on. Orange slices are good in fruit salad. I guess in time you will decide on the best route to take.