Sunday, June 21, 2009

spanish moss

Can you see the Spanish moss on the tree? It is close to the top of the picture.

It is just a baby Spanish moss beginning its life. I guess that life just keeps springing anew everywhere I look. Whether it be a baby being born in the hospital or a Spanish moss being born on the side of a tree.

The baby Spanish moss seems to have found its niche in life on the side of the tree. It looks as though it is sitting in a recess in the bark. What luck for the moss that it landed here in the bark after being blown here by the wind. It is always nice to see life starting anew. In a sense, it gives hope for the world. These pictures were taken with my new camera.

Perhaps someday the small baby Spanish moss will grow into some magnificent garlands hanging down majestically from the limbs. This is my neighbors tree and I always like looking at the moss. It isn’t often that you see a tree as laden as this one with Spanish moss. It reminds me of the plantation Tara from the movie Gone With the Wind. I could almost envision Scarlett O’Hara and Rhett Butler walking beneath a tree such as this one. When my parents would travel from New York to Florida for vacation, my parents would always stop for the night just across the Georgia state line in some small mom-and-pop motel. Invariably there would always be lots of southern oak trees dripping with Spanish moss at the motel. I was always fascinated by the Spanish moss because we didn’t have anything like that in New York. But now I get to see it on a daily basis. Spanish moss is one of the perks of living in Florida. The other perk is living next to the ocean and getting to see the waves each day. I don’t have that perk and Seaside does. They say that “envy is the green eyed monster”. I am not quite sure what that means but I am envious of Seaside for being able to visit the beach each day. Enjoy the day as best you can even though I know that it is hot. Summer is here. Lew
p.s., Could you pass me the ice tea please.

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seaside said...

I am glad to share the beach through the photos like you share the spanish moss. It is nice to enlighten people to see things through other people's visions. I went to the North end to take the last batch of sea pictures. I liked the Christmas parade on the water. The lighted boats were quite a show and would never got noticed unless I used my camera. Keep taking pictures and enlighten us to the different aspects of Ocoee and your adventures.