Sunday, June 7, 2009

the cat house

Tammy the cat has her own little house now.

Mary had gotten this a while back for her first Chihuahua that she had. The dog’s name was Mokey. The Chihuahua liked staying in the house. It was in storage in the shed. We got it down and cleaned it up. However, the picture was taken before we had cleaned it. I thought that the silhouette of a little cat carved into the side of the house for ventilation was cute.

Mary wanted it put under a juniper bush in her backyard to give it some shade.

The cat hasn’t used it yet. She still prefers to do her resting in the house on the bed.
On Friday, the weatherman predicted 70% chance of rain here in Orlando. I think that we got the entire 70% because it had rained most of Friday afternoon. Everyone have a nice day because where ever you are at it is probably sunny since we seem to be getting all of the rain here. As C-3PO said in star wars, “It’s our lot in life to suffer” as he was walking across the desert with R2-D2. Well, if we are getting the whole 70% rain then maybe the same saying applies here, “It’s my lot in life to suffer this rain”. Now isn’t that a really pessimistic outlook to take. Partly cloudy vs partly sunny. Is the cup half empty or half full? Think positive and everyone have a nice day and hopefully it is partly sunny where you are at today. I think that we are in for some more showers here in Orlando (more pessimism) in the afternoon but the morning should be sunny (optimism). Take care and stay dry. Lew

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seaside said...

I know cats are funny about what they like and don't like. I think the little cat house is quite nice. The rain is good for making things grow, so when it is sunny you can trim it all back. I hope Monday starts out sunny, so we can pick some blackberries.