Wednesday, June 3, 2009

calling all trekkies

This is a star trek trivia quiz. Who can name all three ships. No peeking. I remember the blue ship from the first star trek movie called Star Trek: The Motion Picture. In the beginning of the movie they had a lot of close-ups of the blue ship and the music that they played during those scenes was very powerful. The first time that I saw the movie I saw it in a movie theater in Miami. The second, third and fourth times were at my brothers house in Lakeland. His son had just bought a new VCR and the Star Trek movie on tape. I watched the movie three times in a row, one time right after another. I was enthralled by the movie. Everyone went out for a walk by the lake except me. I told them that I wanted to watch the Star Trek movie one more time. This I did for a total of three times in rapid succession. Since then I have only watched it about another 5 or 6 times. I have watched all of the star trek movies multiple times. Have you guessed the names of the space ships yet? Lew

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seaside said...

Klingons, Romuluns, and the Starship Enterprise. Were watching Bonaza and Little Joe. Roy Coffee ,the sheriff, has a big part in this episode. Did you read any of the Star trek books? I read some small paperbacks. I also read the autobiography of George Takei (Sulu). I also have lots of audio tapes where he does all the voices of different made up episodes.