Sunday, June 14, 2009

time warp

Time warp. I warped ahead in time by one week and had a wonderful father’s day celebration. Then I warped back in time to the present. I didn’t check the calendar to verify when father’s day was and was off by one week-end. I felt foolish at the simple mistake but it worked out for the best. No lines at the Olive Garden. We went there for lunch today and when we walked in they said that there would only be a five minute wait. I am sure that next week-end there will be a much longer wait and larger crowds. We had a fabulous lunch. I had eggplant parmesan and Mary had shrimp and scallops with noodles alfredo. We had a huge bowl of salad which was really good and two orders of garlic bread sticks. We each had half of our lunch left over and brought it home for supper tonight. I think that I may celebrate holidays one week early from now on and avoid the crowds.

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seaside said...

Great idea. May all your lunches be so pleasant.