Tuesday, June 2, 2009

speckled bean cafe

This is the dining area of the Speckled Bean Café which is cozy and rustic. All of the waitresses dress in a country style with white aprons that are ruffled. The café has a lot of charm and ambiance to it. The food is good, plentiful, and cheap. You can order off the menu or eat at the buffet. The drinks are in giant size glasses. I guess that they know that the customers will be hot and thirsty from all of the walking around at the flea market at the heat.

This is Mary enjoying the last of her lemonade after having had a sumptuous meal from the buffet. They have everything on the buffet including various main dishes, an assortment of side dishes, a salad bar, a cold salad bar with things like cole slaw, egg salad, tuna salad, etc. and of course the dessert bar along with the soft serve ice cream machine. They had a banana budding that was really good with a very deep and rich flavor with large pieces of banana embedded in the pudding and of course the traditional vanilla wafers on top. I had that plus a piece of their chocolate cake with chocolate icing which gave me my chocolate fix for quite a while. We had a good time at the flea market and bought a hodgepodge of items. On the connecting road from highway 50 to Webster there was a plethora of wildflowers on both sides of the road. It was just a solid carpet of them. They always seem to be in bloom and they as so thick with so many flowers. I regret not having gotten a picture of them. But it was good to get home and we watched a DVD video from the library. It was a long drive but made for a fun day. Today is senior Tuesday but there isn’t anything that we want to see at the movies so I don’t think that we will be going to the movies today. This will probably be a work around the house day and a day of complaining of “it’s so hot”. Have a nice cool day, just as cool as you can make it even if it means standing in front of the refrigerator with he door open. Go in peace. Lew

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seaside said...

This must be country cooking at its finest. We had a neighbor tell us how much she enjoyed a Whopper Jr. because someone had a buy one get one free special. This sounds like a smaller version of "Cracker Barrel" or "Golden Corral." Tonight is leftover chicken noodle soup and a salad mom made. Mom is going to have "Campbells V8 Garden brocolli soup." Mom and my sister both think this is real good. Plus, mom and Glendon like "Odwalla Superfood drink" from Publix.