Friday, June 5, 2009

Brer Rabbitt

Song of the South. A movie by Disney with a character called Uncle Remus telling various stories. I always remember the one story that he told about Brer Rabbitt wsho is always being chased by Brer Fox. Usually Brer Rabbitt is too fast for Brer Fox except one day Brer Fox manages to catch Brer Rabbitt. Brer Rabbitt begs Brer Fox not to throw him into the briar patch with all of its thorns which Brer Fox proceeds to do. Are you starting to remember the story? Brer Rabbitt is at home in the briar patch and the thorns are not a problem and it was all a ruse to escape Brer Fox.

Well, these little flowers growing among the cactus thorns reminds me of that story. The flower is well protected among the thorns from anything that might want to eat it. Plus here are these thorns which are tough and these pretty yellow flowers that are delicate.

It is as if the cactus is a big brother to the flowers by protecting them. Or perhaps like a beauty and the beast story or the hunchback of Notre Dame helping the woman. By the way I thought that the actor Charles Laughton did a wonderful acting job as the hunchback. In closing this was a moment of wonder when I saw these beautiful flowers growing amongst the cactus thorns. It was a moment to stop and reflect and normally I smell the flowers but not in this case. Too many thorns. Beauty is everywhere. Lew


Gloria said...

Lovely shot. The fragile flowers and the fierce torns: you just pacified me after a bad day.

Incidentally, a colloquial name for this cactus around my place is "Asiento de suegra" (loosely translated: "mother-in-law's cushion)... Or so my late mom used to tell me ;D

seaside said...

I went through a fad where I kept a small catus in my office. However, now it seems out of place. My sister is digging catus out of her property every chance she gets. Occasionally, Turner Classic Movies show "Charles Laughton" as an English Banister. I also saw him in a movie where he played a sea captain "Bligh" looking for "Fletcher Christian" in "Mutiny on the Bounty." Clark Gable played "Fletcher Christian.