Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Insurance. That is what he called it. When taking pictures he got more than one picture of the same scene so that if for some reason one picture didn’t turn out then perhaps the second picture would. He would also “bracket” his pictures. Take one picture at the correct exposure, then a picture at one setting lighter and one setting darker. Then he would select the best picture. The young man worked in the darkroom of our x-ray department developing our x-ray films. He was pursuing a career as a professional photographer and so I figured that he knew what he was talking about. I also started practicing “insurance” in picture taking once I had got a digital camera because the pictures are in essence “free” since there is no film to buy and no expensive developing. When I take a picture like the one above, I always take a second one “just in case”. On my “insurance” picture there was a bee gathering pollen.

What a pleasant surprise. The “insurance” picture was even better than the first picture because of the presence of the bee.

There wasn’t time to get an insurance picture of the bee because it flew away so I had to settle for a slightly blurred bee. But I can still see the pouches on his legs filled with pollen. I guess that he has been a busy little bee. LOL. I enjoy my picture taking and I am just having so much fun at it. At times the detail is just incredible and when I magnify the pictures I can see things that I couldn’t see with the naked eye. I always like to magnify pictures on my laptop to see what I can see. Sometimes I see a scrap of paper near a rose bush or sometimes a bald eagle flying near a communications tower and then sometimes a close-up look at a bee.

It is time to go. The sun is up, Tammy and Alex (cats) has been fed, I have had my toast, and Mary is up. This morning we will have fresh strawberries on our cereal. We were at Wal-Mart yesterday and they were selling for $1.50 for a large container of them. I guess that they must be in season. At those prices we will enjoy strawberries while we can. Have a great day. Lew

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