Friday, March 12, 2010

Scapular medal

This is my scapular medal that Mary got for me. We were together at a gift shop at a Shrine of Mary. The gift shop was next to a church and very large and we were there specifically to get a scapular medal which I had told Mary that I wanted. This particular medal is my favorite design for the scapular medal. Mary wanted to get the one which was solid gold but that was way over $ 200. I told her that I would feel bad if I got such an expensive medal and then lost it, so I opted for a medal made with gold plated over silver. I noticed that the medal is appearing as though it is oxidizing which gold shouldn’t do. I see the peacock colored patina to the medal and some places where the gold coating has come off probably due to abrasion.

The reverse side of the medal below shows places where the gold is missing and exposing the silver underneath. I guess that I must be a little rough on medals.

The detail of the medal doesn’t show very well because of the reflection of the flash off from the gold but in actuality, the detail is quite nice. Mary was right and we should have gotten the solid gold, I was penny wise and pound foolish as they say.

Mary also has a scapular medal but of a different design. I got Mary’s medal at a Catholic gift shop called The Abbey. It is solid gold and is doing just fine. Perhaps I should have gotten a silver medal. Silver will oxidize but can be easily cleaned. I like the scapular medal and it is my favorite.
Today is Friday and that means we eat fish for supper. Tomorrow is big breakfast Saturday and we are returning to the flea market in Sanford to exchange a sweater that we got for the Chihuahua last week. The sweater is too small and so we need to go up one size. It should be a lot of fun at the flea market as it always is and a nice drive there because the weather is suppose to be nice tomorrow. There is just so much to see at the flea markets and the prices are really good also. Have a good week-end and enjoy yourself. Lew

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seaside said...

While you go to Sanford, mom and I will be going to Williston to visit my sister. She now has baby chickens and plans to get more. I figures she will eventually have more eggs when the chickens grow up. I hope you enjoy the flea market and what other sights you see along the way. It still looks like a nice medal despite the flaws.