Saturday, March 20, 2010

"sign" of the times

I was out for a walk late one afternoon when I came across this sign. I was stunned to see that a house could be bought for only $ 100 down. Can you buy a car for only $100 down? I mean $100 down just seems unbelievable. And the houses in this particular neighborhood are nice block homes. I guess that it is just a sign of the hard economic times. I would have to assume that this must be a foreclosure and the original owners put a lot more than $100 down when they bought the house. I wonder how they must feel seeing their former being house sold in this manner. I turned on that street that the sign was on to see what the house looked like. I walked for a couple of blocks but didn’t come to it so I turned around and returned to the sign. It will be good when the economy returns to normal and it will be “business as usual”. Have a good day. Lew

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