Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sunday morning and the weatherman never predicted frost. No freeze warnings, no temperatures even close to freezing, supposedly. But it must have gotten down to freezing during the night in order for the frost to form on the roof of the car. No big deal though. Right? That is true but it is a big deal for our temperature sensitive tomato plants which we have been nurturing through these winter months. Mary suggested that we try some “container gardening” whereby all of our plants will be in pots instead of in the ground. We have had such good luck with the topsy turvy tomato plant that we are hopeful for more “bumper” crops. Anyone have any helpful tips on container gardening? What are some good things to do and pitfalls to be avoided?

Today right after a breakfast of fresh made biscuits and Jimmy Dean sausage along with grits, we will be leaving for the Flea World flea market in Sanford. After the flea market we are going to go to see a huge cypress tree called the Senator tree in Big Tree park in Sanford. Have a good day and those folks in Florida enjoy the nice weather. Everyone else, keep your spirits up. Eventually the snow will melt which is the good news. The bad news is that the melting snow will turn the ground to mud which will stick to your shoes and get tracked into the house. Other than that, keep a happy face on. Lew

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