Monday, March 29, 2010

take time to smell the flowers

Tammy the cat is taking time to smell the flowers. She has an appreciation of the beauty and sweet fragrance of flowers. I must admit that the marigolds have a pleasant and strong smell to them. That is her rabies vaccination tag hanging down from her collar. She has first class (and expensive) veterinary care to ensure a long life for her. She also gets the best of food (Fancy Feast), the best living quarters (run of the whole house), and a big play area (a very large front and backyard).

Pardon the pun, but she definitely has the curiosity of a cat. Anything new and she has to explore it. Here she is getting ready to see what two small blades of grass feel like with her paw. She spends her days patrolling the front and back yards having fun. What a life.

It is early morning and the rain is coming down which means that the grass will start growing with vigor. My sunflower seed is in its pot sitting outside in the rain and should start growing also.

There are three seeds planted just beneath the dirt. I sometimes worry that the dark plastic pots get too hot from the sun shining on them and may overheat the roots inside. We have some clay pots in the shed and when it is time to move the sunflower to a larger pot, I will probably use one of the clay pots. This year will be the year of container gardening with vegetables. Have a good day and I will try to stay dry. Lew

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