Tuesday, March 23, 2010

chocolate pancakes

On Sunday, Mary made some chocolate pancakes for breakfast. They were good and were a chocoholic’s delight. She took some of the pancake batter and mixed Hershey’s chocolate syrup into the batter.

She then poured the chocolate batter into the center of the regular batter on the grill. And voila’, chocolate pancakes. Mary has a large electric grill which she likes because all of the pancakes can be cooked at once. Mary keeps trying different recipes for meals to keep a variety of “eats”. The chocolate pancakes turned out good and I could taste the chocolate, but the chocolate wasn’t overpowering. During the week we are "good" and have cereal but on the weekends we splurge and have big breakfasts. A question. When standing in line at the check-out at the grocery store, do you ever look at those little booklets with the recipes in them? Each booklet has a theme of food to it whether it is barbeque, slow-cooking, desserts, etc. I like to look at the pictures because the food in the pictures look so good. And of course the best picture of all is on the cover to catch my eye. I don’t know if the food really tastes as good as they look in the picture on the cover but they are fun to look at. Have an epicurean adventure today with something new. Lew

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