Thursday, April 1, 2010

stormy sky

I got this picture of the sky to show the dark clouds of the approaching storm contrasting with the blue sky. I am always fascinated by the swirling patterns of the storm clouds. When I viewed the pictures for the first time, I happened to notice the sun behind the clouds. The sun looked so small.

The sun always seems to look bigger on a sunny day. I tried to grab a quick glance and discovered that it was impossible to tell the size of the sun because of the glare. That little tiny globe heats the entire earth, and boy does it ever heat things up in July, August and September. The sun also makes the solar clothes driers work pretty good also. We had hamburgers for lunch and they were pretty good. Tonight we are having baked chicken thighs and baked potatoes done in the oven with the chicken. On Friday, I am having artificial lobster which is Pollock fish seasoned to taste like lobster. It comes in a small frozen package. We got it when we were at Publix the last time. I usually have the imitation crab but I saw a package of the imitation lobster. Since I have never had the imitation lobster I decided to get it so that I could see what it tastes like. I will use a little melted butter for dipping the lobster into. Yum!!! I will let everyone know which is better, the imitation crab or the imitation lobster. Enjoy life. Lew

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