Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Senator

Mary and I went to Big Tree Park in Seminole County to see “The Senator”, which is an absolutely huge cypress tree. It is a pleasant walk on a board walk of 600 yards to get to the tree through a jungle. There are places along the way where you can sit on wooden benches and rest if you want to and take in all the foliage. The weather was perfect for this type of walk. It was 70 degrees and clear skies. Plus there weren’t any mosquitoes at all.

The jungle was like from the movie Jurassic Park and it seemed as if a tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur might be lunging out of the jungle at any moment. Maybe I have been seeing too many movies, what do you think (be kind in your answer).

We finally made it to the tree called The Senator. It is called the Senator because the person who donated the tree and surrounding property was a senator. Its height was impressive but the leaves were all gone because of this being the winter season. It is 70 degrees and it is the winter season. Read it and weep snowbirds.

The girth of the tree was equally impressive. It reminded of the giant sequoia redwoods in California. There was a second very large cypress tree which is called Lady Liberty. It is not quite as big as the senator but impressive none-the-less. We had a good time taking a nice leisurely walk through a tropical forest. How much was the admission to the Big Tree Park? Free.

They also had a pavilion with a bunch of picnic tables for barbequing and a nice children’s play area as you can see in the area behind Mary. It seems like a pretty nice attraction for the price. Have a nice day and enjoy the very pleasant weather. Lew

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